Lay's with salt

We teamed up with the creative agency Vondel to produce an immersive 3D ad with a naked-eye effect for PepsiCo and their world's most delicious and famous chips Lay's. The video was broadcast on various outdoor screens across multiple countries around the world. Let's take a closer look at how this thrilling video was created.

We understand that it's important to know what goes into the food we eat. So our objective was to highlight the naturalness of Lay's chips, which consist only of potatoes, salt and oil, with no added ingredients. To achieve this, we decided to showcase each stage of chip production, starting from the potatoes growing in the field, then moving on to the washing and peeling, slicing, frying, seasoning, and packaging processes. As an important part of our concept, we have emphasized naturalness by incorporating natural elements accompany each stage of production: our potato was swirled into water streams, brushed by the wind, sliced by lightning, bathed in bright sunlight, and dusted with a flurry of snow, in order to proudly take a place in a cozy packaging and delight with its taste.

In the designs we aimed for maximum realism, deliciousness and visual cleanliness. The premium visual was accentuated with a clean environment and low-key lighting with contrasting highlights. By developing all the shaders from scratch, we visited a potato field and studied the plants up close, so that we were able to achieve a level of realism that truly captures the essence of potato plants.


Client : PepsiCo
Agency: Vondel
Studio: Widepix
Art-director: Ilya Kastenka
3D artists: Eugene Lisovski, Ilya Kastenka, Mihail Pankevich, Pavel Evdokimov
Music compositors: Ilya Kastenka, Igor Bulash
Sound designers: Igor Bulash
Producer: Katerina Dyatlova

Vondel team
Creative producer: