MTS Icons

Through our meticulous attention to detail, we've crafted 3D icons that elevating the experience of using MTS Bank website and application.

During the process of crafting icons' visual, our focus was to achieve a perfect balance between obvious metaphors and uncommon representation. We paid close attention to the smallest details in the sketching phase, ensuring captivating imagery.

Beyond the conceptual aspect, we placed great emphasis on curating 3D object materials that would harmoniously blend together and reflect the essence of our client's brand


Widepix team
Art directors: Alyona Romaniuk, Ilya Kastenka
3D designers: Mihail Pankevich, Alyona Romaniuk, Anton Nikolayonak
3D modelers: Maxim Kondratyuk, Alex Semenov
Producer: Liza Shimanchik, Ilya Kastenka

Tinkoff team
Art director: Sergey Afonin
Producers: Ekaterina Pinaeva, Mariya Frolova