Open Sea

OpenSea is the world's first and largest web3 marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles. We teamed up with our great friend Thinkmojo agency to create an impressive video for this huge brand.

We had a lot of fun experimenting together and working closely with our partner. It was a highly unusual task, but we rose to the challenge and found the perfect 3D visualization and animation of graphic elements that seamlessly integrated with the 2D graphics provided by Thinkmojo.

OpenSea - Solana

Our unwavering dedication to creating stunning graphics for OpenSea has resulted in an exceptional visuals and animations for a video about Solana NFTs.

Each scene was crafted in a unique style to accentuate the distinctive features of NFT and showcase their diversity on the platform to the fullest extent possible.


Widepix team
Art directors: Ilya Kastenka, Eugene Lisovski
3D artists: Ilya Kastenka, Alyona Romaniuk, Eugene Lisovski, Anton Nikolayonak, Mihail Pankevich
Producers: Ilya Kastenka, Liza Shimanchik

Thinkmojo team
Creative Directors: Seb & Yann Lhomme
Executive Producer: Andrew Morrison
Producer: Amy Caffee
Head writer: Brendan Carty
Storyboard: Seb & Yann Lhomme, Casey Craddock
Art Directors: Seb & Yann Lhomme
Art: Seb Lhomme, Adrien Kulig
Character Designers: Casey Craddock, Jesse Read, Morgan Ramberg, Adrien Kulig, Amy Charlick, Charlie (Dinos&Teacups), Marco De Vecchi, Mikkel Borris, Adrien Kulig
2D Animators: Seb Lhomme, Dustin Bankord, Ameen Shahid, Nakan, Desmond DuCel
Animators: Amy Charlick, Charlie (Dinos&Teacups), Marco De Vecchi, Mikkel Borris
Sound Designer: Daruma Audio
Music Score: QBsound