We absolutely love it when our clients come to us for more than just advertising. Sona Healthy Sleep, an application that helps people improve their sleep experience, and our website banner perfectly captures the tranquil and mysterious atmosphere of dreams.

Our primary goal was to create a concept that would effectively communicate the idea of healthy, restful sleep and to build a strong connection between the SONA application and this feeling. In order to achieve this, we placed a significant emphasis on the selection of materials, lighting, and animations that would create a smooth and immersive experience.


Widepix team
Art director: Ilya Kastenka
3D artists: Alyona Romaniuk, Eugene Lisovski, Dima Marchukov
Producer: Ilya Kastenka

Tinkoff team
Art director: Sergey Afonin
Producers: Ekaterina Pinaeva, Mariya Frolova