Tinkoff - Cabinet

Our partners' unwavering commitment to improving their feature set is truly inspiring, and we are honored to assist them in creating a powerful and dynamic video that showcases their progress.

By taking inspiration from the native style of the Business department, we have designed graphics that not only embody the essence of it, but also feature intriguing materials that significantly help capture the audience's attention.

We had a crucial task at hand - to create a scenario that showcases various features and keeps the audience hooked until the very end of the video. To make the video more diverse, we combined appealing interface animations with mini-plots.


Widepix team
Art director: Alyona Romaniuk
3D artists: Alexej Kuncevich, Alyona Romaniuk, Daniil Baigozin, Alex Semenov, Eugene Lisovski
2D artist: Maxim Kondratyuk
Sound designer: Alexandr ZorinProducer: Liza Shimanchik

Tinkoff team
Art director: Sergey Afonin
Producers: Ekaterina Pinaeva, Mariya Frolova