Tinkoff - Platinum

Our partner refers to this card as the best credit card in their bank, and we are thrilled to showcase its benefits in a promotional video that we created.

We challenged ourselves to craft captivating visual solutions that could truly convey the value of a Tinkoff Bank credit card. After much hard work and creativity, we came up with a simple but ingenious concept: we depicted the card as attracting the items that could be purchased with it, and we made sure that the items themselves were designed to match the client's style and preferences.


Widepix team
Art director: Ilya Kastenka
3D artists: Anton Nikolayonak, Ilya Kastenka, Alyona Romaniuk
Music composer: Ilya Kastenka, Igor Bulash
Sound designer: Igor BulashProducer: Liza Shimanchik

Tinkoff team
Art director: Sergey Afonin
Producers: Mariya Frolova