Tinkoff - Private

Revolutionizing the world of wealth management, first digital private banking stands at the forefront of innovation and progress. Its opulent promotional video flawlessly highlights the service's primary advantages, inspiring confidence and trust in its clients.The original landing page's design served as a style foundation, which was enhanced through textures and shaders improvements, resulting in a more visually appealing and engaging aesthetic.


Widepix team
Art director: Ilya Kastenka
3D artists: Eugene Lisovski, Ilya Kastenka, Anton Nikolayonak, Alyona Romaniuk
Music composer: Ilya Kastenka, Igor Bulash
Sound designer: Igor Bulash
Producer: Liza Shimanchik

Tinkoff team
Art director: Sergey Afonin
Producers: Ekaterina Pinaeva, Mariya Frolova